Past projects

Plasma-based synthesis of low-cost and environmentally friendly quantum dots with tailored energy band structure

EPSRC (award n.EP/M024938/1)
Aug 2015-Sep 2019

Plasma-enhanced nanoparticle synthesis

Ulster University (Research Challenge Fund 2017)
Feb 2017-Jun 2018

High-efficiency photovoltaic devices

InvestNI (award n.PoC-608)
Sep 2016-Feb 2018

Atmospheric pressure plasma jet for neutralisation of CBW (chemical biological weapons)

NATO (award n.EAP.SFP 984555)
Apr 2013-Mar 2017

Electrical discharges with liquids for future applications – WG4.3 Applications in surface treatment and in nanosciences

EU-COST Action (TD1208)
Apr 2013-Apr 2017

RAPID (Reactive Atmospheric Plasma processIng – eDucation network)

EU-FP7 (award n.606889)
Oct 2013-Sep 2017

All Inorganic Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cell Devices

EPSRC (award n.EP/K022237/1)
Aug 2013-Aug 2016

The Lab nanoMetal-Manufacturing System

InvestNI (award n.PoC-325)
Aug 2013-Apr 2016

Materials processing by atmospheric pressure plasmas for energy applications

The Leverhulme Trust (award n.IN-2012-136)
Jan 2013-Jan 2016

Microplasma-assisted manipulation of intact airborne bacteria for real-time autonomous detection

EPSRC (award n.EP/K006088/1)
Jan 2013-Jan 2016

III Generation Perovskites

University of Ulster (Research Challenge Fund)
Sep 2014-May 2015

Interface engineering of nanostructures-the key to successful next generation PV

The Royal Society (award n.IE120884)
Jan 2013-Dec 2014