Past Group Members

Ulster University – PhDs

Ruairi McGlynn PhD in 2019 Ulster University (UK)
Gunisha Jain PhD in 2018 Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italy)
Atta Ul Haq PhD in 2018 Ulster University (UK)
Calum McDonald PhD in 2017 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology-AIST (Japan)
Tamilselvan Velusamy PhD in 2016 Power Roll ltd (UK)
Somak Mitra PhD in 2014 KAUST (Saudi Arabia)
Sadegh Askari PhD in 2014 Kiel Univeristy (Germany)
Jenish Patel PhD in 2014 SVNIT (India)
Conor Rocks BSc in 2012, PhD in 2017, Postdoc 2018-2019 QC Engineer at Photonic Measurements (UK)

Ulster University – Postdocs

Darragh Carolan Postdoc 2016-2018 (Ireland)
Supriya Chakrabarty Postdoc 2015-2017 International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy & New Materials-ARCI (India)
Manuel Macias-Montero Postdoc in 2013-2016 Institute of Optics of the Spanish Research Council-CSIC (Spain)
Chengsheng Ni Postdoc in 2016 Southwest University (China)

Ulster University – MSc & Undergraduates

Jose Cardoso BEng in 2018
Aaron McWilliams BEng in 2018 (UK)
Michael Gray BEng in 2018 Acelity (Ireland)
Jeffrey Swen BSc in 2018 Bioquell (UK)
James Quinn BEng in 2018
Gianmarco Giunti Research Assistant 2017-2018 Oracle (Ireland)
Conor Groves BSc in 2017
Connor Gough BSc in 2017 Ocon Services (Australia)
Jenna Donnelly BSc in 2017 Boots (UK)
Daniele Pierantozzi MSc in 2015 Università Politecnica delle Marche (Italy)
Cathal McGroder BSc in 2015 Mercury Engineering (Ireland)
Sorcha Doherty BSc in 2015 Cubis Systems (UK)
Michael Garvey BSc in 2014 Terex Corporation (UK)
Jordan Cinnamond BSc in 2014
Damiano Renzetti BSc in 2014 Akka Technologies (Switzerland)
Javier Torres Aguilar BEng in 2012 Torreval (Spain)
Juan Carlos Maestro Martinez BEng in 2012 Faurecia (Spain)
Valentina Rapazzetti BSc in 2011 The Dow Chemical Company (Italy)
Michelle White BSc in 2011 Schrader Electronics (UK)
Josephine Monaghan BSc in 2011 Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (UK)
Randolph Walther MEng in 2010 Hydrometer (Germany)

Rochester Institute of Technology (NY-USA)

Konstantin J. Yurchenko MSc in 2009 Intel Corporation (USA)
Karishma Diwan MSc in 2009 Nomura (India)
Keerti Kalia MSc in 2009 Micron (USA)
Anthony Pacifico BSc in 2009
Andrew Wagner BSc in 2008 Intel (USA)
Koffi Abalo-Akuvi MSc in 2008 Intel (USA)