PhD opportunities (Annual Competition)

PhD opportunities are available (see further below for project details) with application deadline 24th February 2017.

Although several projects are available, you can only apply for one main project selected from the list below (and including 2 “reserve projects” also from the list below). You can apply on-line here. Before submitting an application please read the additional information provided at the following link:

Also, here are some more useful information for completing your application:

  • For “Application Type”, select “Research (All Nationalities)”
  • For “Admission Term”, select “Academic Year 2017-18″
  • For “Programme Choice”, select “A PhD Computing and Engineering Full-time”
  • For “Summary title for your proposed research investigation” type the title of the project you select from the list here below as first choice
  • For “Proposed Research Programme”, type the description of the title of the project that you have selected as first choice as provided in the advertisement (see link below); you can adapt this description to fit and match with your interest and background expertise
  • For “Additional Projects”, type the titles of two of the projects listed here below that are not your first choice
  • Upload any research paper you have published and a CV; you can for instance upload PDF files of the papers as part of the Research Proposal
  • Highlight any research experience and published work of any kind including conference proceedings; if possible by providing journal impact factors and citation of your publications

For further information and/or clarification please contact Prof Mariotti (for project-related information) or the Research Office (Mrs Cambell or Prof Coleman for admin/required documents information).

Project List